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  • August12th

    So I wanted to spill the beans about this episode…

    Well, initially this episode was supposed to be shot after the Raya holidays. And we had planned to shoot another episode before that. Buuuut, you know…sometimes things just don’t go your way. So, we had to rush for this shoot. I’m certainly glad we managed though. Else, we’d miss another release. Which…can never ever happen.

    Don’t really wanna talk too much. So, just enjoy the video. :)

  • August10th

    Wow! Episode 3 already? Yeah…really. There’s a story behind this episode actually. Will spill it with the full length video later.

  • August3rd

    Well, the 2nd episode is finally here. It’s shorter than the previous episode though. Basically, we just wanted to highlight the art that goes behind making coffee. You know, it’s not just about pressing some buttons and WALLA!  A cup of great coffee. It’s  more about the art of making it. How you handle the glass, how you grind the beans.
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  • July31st

    Will be releasing the 2nd episode this Friday. Well, it’s obviously called Friday Fix ‘It’ for a reason right?

  • July27th

    Friday Fix ‘It’ (episode 01) – How to make Macaroons from ezrankamal on Vimeo.

    Like heck yes! It’s finally up! We’ve been working on this project for quite some time really. Not this one video…but a series of videos which will be uploaded and showcased…like the title says…every Friday.

    The main idea behind ‘Friday Fix It’ is that we would showcase short videos of various random tips from the hospitality, tourism, culinary and services industries to the world. Placed, of course…in our BERJAYA UCH’s YouTube channel and shared widely across our social networks.

    I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time actually. But was held back by so many things that at one point, I got frustrated and wanted to give up altogether. But then one fine day…I told myself…”Heck, if I can prove to myself that I can achieve this, then I can achieve anything”…not being dramatic here but yeah…that’s exactly how I felt! Hahaha!
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  • July24th

    So yeah, a couple more days and we’ll finally be releasing the first episode of our long awaited webisodes. It’s been a rough ride…but after all this while…I’m still feeling it…get it? :)

  • July22nd

    My my…I’m getting so addicted to sharing some of my photos in SXC. And a couple of days ago…I got myself a new Wacom tablet. Nothing fancy…just a simple one…

    The BAMBOO PEN model to be exact. Don’t really need the ‘touch’ feature. Plus I’ll only be using it to do some minor cleaning up on my photos.

    Actually I just wanted to share with all of you what usually my before & after stock photos look like. As you can see from the example below…all I did was do some minor stamping on some imperfections.

    Here’s the ‘before‘ picture:

    And here’s the ‘after‘ picture:

    See! Only minor cleaning up…

    I spent like 20 minutes doing it. Wouldn’t wanna go all detail on that. Perhaps next time I should do a fast track video to show y’all how it really looks like.

    Sooooooooo…why waste 20 minutes of my life doing that, you ask?

    Well…to me…it’s kinda…therapeutic. It’s just like painting. It kinda takes my mind off of things, ya know.

    Probably that’s just me…but…yeah…it feels like that…

  • July20th

    My goodness! It’s been a while since I updated my blog! Tsk tsk! Guess I was too busy being a ‘dad’. Seriously…it’s not easy. But it feels so gooooood! :)

    Okay back to my blog post.

    A couple of days ago, I was actually trying to clear up my external hard disk. And I found a LOT of ‘untouched’ photos. Untouched meaning straight from the camera. I was playing around with one…and another…and another…and another…and finally I realized that I was actually retouching a whole lot of photos. So I decided to share it with my sxc community. Hell I’d sell them if I could…buuuuut…I know I’ll be taking more stock shots sometime in the future anyway. So for now, I decided to just share it for free.

    So if y’all feel like checking out more of my FREE stock photos…head on to SXC’s AWESOME WEBSITE!

    My submitted stocks are kinda random…but whatever! LOL!

    If you’re there…look for ezrankamal.

    Here are a few of my favs:

  • October29th

    Ezran’s September “a series of rough-cuts and frame jitters” from ezrankamal on Vimeo.

    This is a video based on my working experience here at BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. It was
    taken sometime during September (last year)…thus…the title of the video.

    In a way, it’s also an experimental video for me as I was testing out the capabilities of the Nikon D90 and
    the editing software. But let’s get to that later.
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  • October9th

    So here’s the DVD cover & label for their engagement ceremony…